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God of Malfunction

by The Contrast

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released April 13, 2010

David Reid: lead vocals & guitars
Richard Mackman: bass & backing vocals
Kieran Wade: rhythm guitars, backing vocals & keyboards
Thorin Dixon: drums & percussion

Andy Hawkins: pianos/organs/backing vocals

Produced by Andy Hawkins & The Contrast
Executive Producer: Steven Van Zandt

All songs written by David Reid
Arranged by The Contrast with Andy Hawkins
Additional arrangements by Steven Van Zandt

Engineered and mixed by Andy Hawkins
Recorded by Cottage Road Studios, Leeds
Mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering, NYC


all rights reserved



* The Contrast Peterborough, UK

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Track Name: Underground Ghosts
I tried to see you in the playback
I froze the frame & then I lost track
there’s something here but it isn’t clear at all

& you were laughing on the telephone
I wonder why you’re so disaster prone
it make’s no sense & you don’t know

when we hit the town
the light’s all blew
you’re charged with static
I thought you knew
about your strange fascination
with dark frustration
getting lost in the station
with the underground ghosts

I tried to catch you in the cellar bar
you move so fast you are a shooting star
you’re spinning through the subway like a flashing light

you’re so alive with crazy energy
I want to see the stuff that you can see
Track Name: Coming Back To Life
my world is in this blue suitcase
I know my name
but I woke up with the wrong face
& I’m in the wrong place tonight

I’m spinning my life like a silver coin
& everything fits
but you can still see the joins
& the radio changed my life tonight

we are strange
& getting stranger
we won’t change
we’ll screw the danger
coming back to life

we’ll have such a crazy time
standing way up
high against the stars
& you are brighter than the sun & moon & distant cars

I really hope this moment lasts
& you stay safe
but you always move so fast
& you always get screwed up & blasted

we’ll be driving the whole day
the bright horizon’s
blurring in the thick heat haze
and we are thinking faster & faster
Track Name: Take Me Apart
Take me apart
Find out how I work
Unscrew my head
Write down every quirk
I need to know

Do I run like clockwork Did I strip a gear today
And where is my heart
Take me apart Tell me what I am

Take me apart
Tell me what I feel
Run a full scan
Tell me if I’m real
I need to see

If I am electric How the hell do I stay charged
And who’s in control
Take me apart tell me what I am

I’ve had a strange feeling for a long time
Every time I speak I find I know my lines
Can I be downloaded like a warning sign
How much am I missing am I an unsound design

Take me apart
Tell me what I am
Take me apart
There’s gotta be a scam
I’m wondering

Am I made of paper can you copy me with a laser
Like a piece of clip-art
Take me apart tell me what I am
Track Name: I Am An Alien
Try to think back
And please shut up
What were you doing
With that paper cup

Didn’t you know that I am an alien
I am not like you
Didn’t you know that I am an alien
You didn’t think it through
And everything is turning round
We won’t be the same
Didn’t you know that I am a alien

You lost your perspective
Now you’re flat
You don’t look too clever
And you’re getting fat

I’m ready for anything ready for you
I don’t give a damn about what you do
You’re negative pictures have lost their frame
And we will never ever be the same

You can’t see me
‘cause I’m not here
I am an alien
Can’t you get it clear
Track Name: Gone Forever
I lost my head but now I see
I was always out of my tree
And the outcome is no mystery
She’s gone forever

I think she caught the midnight train
She’s not gonna be around here again
And that is such a god-damn pain
She’s gone forever

What I said I can’t take back
She’s spinning away on an unknown track
And I can’t make the sense I lack
She’s gone forever

I saw her face in my red wine
Maybe that was a special sign
I better get my thoughts in line
And stop this drinking

I should have seen the warning signs
What the hell was I thinking
Maybe she knew me too well
She could see I was sinking
Track Name: God of Malfunction
the god of malfunction
is here just out of sight
the god of malfunction
is stopping me from making things right

the god of malfunction hits me with a microwave
and I cannot function I can’t hit save
the god of malfunction
is always in the way

the god of malfunction’s
running the government
no one knows what he looks like
he could even be the president

the god of malfunction is always drunk
if we don’t take some action we’re all gonna be sunk
the god of malfunction
is coming down the telephone line

the god of malfunction
is a gibbering wreck
we’ll all be the same way
if we ever forget

the god of malfunction fluffs his lines
he says it’s deliberate it’s a supernatural sign
the god of malfunction
is coming down the telephone line
Track Name: Good Luck Charms
I’m still here
Exploding love out to the blue screen
Firing on four into the sunset
And I wish you were here to see this happening
And you look so good but

What do you remember
Flinging open all the doors in our adventure
Running backwards through the rewind through the stars
All the burning pictures
All the dummys singing with us
In splintered good luck charms and fast cars

And where are you
You are the most beautiful devil
Photo-flash-frame halos spin round you
You’ve got a dream but you can’t find it
And you look so fine but…
Track Name: Better Than They Seem
Someone tapped me on the shoulder
They said that they know where I live
I was feeling fast and shaky
I know it’s harder to forgive

I don’t have a problem
I don’t have a problem
Things are getting better than they seem

I left town in a burning car
My head was safe in a smoked glass jar
If I ever make the bar
I know that I won’t start to scar

Over by the monument
Out by the desert track
I held you tight for hours
But I know we can’t go back

The sound of smashing windows woke me
This is not some horror movie

I hope things are better than they seem
Track Name: She's A Disaster
She’s the sun and she’s the moon
I think she’s gonna be here soon in person
She turns my whole world upside down
She isn’t even human I am certain

She’s shining ultraviolet light
She says she’s right but I know
She’s a disaster

Her words are charged with hidden games
Her make-up’s going up in flames right now
Her dreams are in a plastic box
She’s got some keys but there is no locks to open

I will tell the truth at last
She’s in my head from my distant past and future
She’s better than I’ll ever be
I don’t know how to set her free
And she doesn’t either

She’s slurring all her words again
She says she’d love to be here
But she’s a disaster
She’s flying over central park
I hope some time soon
She will remember
Track Name: Thought You Were Strong
I’ve got a blind spot down
Here in my negative distraction
It’s a bad idea
And I know I can’t stop this transaction

Feels like I was wrong
In the light of day
I heard you say
Feels like I was wrong in every way

I’ve got a big chrome star
And I know that it doesn’t mean anything
I’ve been away
This town is a projection

Feels like I was wrong
In the light of day
I heard you say
Feels like I was wrong

I thought you were strong
I thought you knew everything
I thought you were strong
I thought that I heard you sing

I stole another day
Now it’s looking like we can get out of this
I’m so happy
I can’t stop shaking around
Track Name: Unexpected
I lost my way
and the morning never comes
I’m turning away
got so much energy it hums
I lost my way
this hotel’s got a million rooms
what can I say
can’t keep a thought look where it zooms
I lost my way
I lost…

my mind keeps changing
it’s shaking apart
my attention is breaking
it’s a sinister art
there’s a reason we’re in here
but how did it start
everything’s unexpected

I lost my way
through the door is another door
I lost my face
& I haven’t been keeping the score
I lost my camera
I had this whole mad thing on film
I lost my way
& I won’t be back today

I lost my way
everything’s unexpected
Track Name: False Admission
I could be round
I could be square
I could be blue
And made out of air
There’s a good question
You never ask about
And where’s the betrayal

It’s a false admission
Badly written fiction
A faulty mission
But I won’t turn around

I could be mad
I could be dumb
And what about you
And what you’ve become
I can’t believe
What you have said out loud
What you’ve become

The light’s are bright
And all my paranoia is the star of the show
And you are in the shadows
Clutching wires and tapes
I will not let go
And you were never how you seemed to be
I can’t believe what you said

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